A letter from the president

Dear patients, dear masters,

I would like to welcome you to our website of the International Society of Masters in Aesthetic Medicine & Aesthetic Dentistry. Our mission as highly specialized group of experts around the world is to continue to push boundaries in our respective multidisciplinary fields.

With ISMAM we hope to serve first and foremost you, the patients, with providing a database of highly skilled, approved, specialized, sophisticated, and smooth-hearted aesthetic experts. Just as important, we want to serve the masters, who make up the members of this website, by providing them with the newest information, research, fresh guidelines, procedures, and knowledge.

ISMAM members require approval by the board which adheres to strict guidelines in terms of proper training and certification. Preceding this, all members of ISMAM must have accomplished a post-graduate degree in either Aesthetic Medicine or Aesthetic Dentistry. This means that you as a patient can be assured that a doctor you will find through our network has received the highest standards and training and will be able to accompany you in your journey through aesthetic needs.

Join ISMAM in our goal to connect and network on an international basis. More doctors can say and speak to more doctors than ever before in history and thanks to technology this is only continuing to grow. The tools we have available give us an amazing opportunity to connect to each other. However, revolution does not happen when doctors adapt new tools, revolution happens when doctors adapt new behaviors.

With a smile